• We solve issues of today using
    technology of tomorrow.

    connectBlue provides fast and reliable wireless solutions
    to meet the demands of leading industrial and medical
    industries - all over the world.

    About connectBlue
  • Unique Bluetooth Dual-mode.
    Learn why.

    The robust Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.0 module OBS421
    offers unparalleled support for both Classic Bluetooth
    and Bluetooth low energy. No other solution is
    there yet.

    OBS421 Module
  • Bring the Internet-of-Things
    Vision to Reality.

    IoT is a new to the wireless world, but not new to
    connectBlue. Learn how we bring the vision to reality
    for tough medical and indsutrial applications.



Japan IT Week, Japan, May 14-16, 2014
14.04.2014 08:00 Category: Events
OLP425 and OLP426 firmware v1.3.1
21.03.2014 13:25 Category: Products & Solutions
WLAN driver kits cB-WDK-09 and cB-WDK-11 release 3.1 available
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connectBlue® is a leading provider of reliable wireless solutions for the last hundred meters of connectivity. Based on Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, WLAN and Multiradio solutions, connectBlue markets ready-to-embed wireless modules as well as ready-to-use wireless Serial Port Adapters, Ethernet Port Adapters and Access Points. The connectBlue products are radio type approved for European, US, Canadian, Japanese markets as well as are compliant with EMC, Safety and Medical standards, and the Bluetooth qualification program. connectBlue® is a registered trademark of connectBlue AB.